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Looking good is all about making the most of yourself. If the mirror takes a step back when you look into it, don't make excuses. Learn to work your wardrobe to your advantage. Look better today with these basic style rules.

Style Guide Articles:

The style basics

How to wear colours

Your bra

Your knickers

Making the most of accessories

Choosing the right pair of shoes

Sunglasses styles

style guide - choose what to wear
title - what not to wear

what not to wearWhat makes certain styles of pants so popular? One reason is fashion and the other comfort. Two examples of pants bought for comfort are tapered leg jeans or pants and Capri pants... more>>

Featured Articles:

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How to Keep Your Feet Feeling and Looking Great - Your feet take a lot of punishment every day.

Men in Sheepskin Boots - Since the ugg phenomena hit the UK I have been wearing sheepskin boots and getting taunted by my peers.

Plus Size Clothing In Fashionable Designs - You can look fabulous in plus size fashions to fit your own personal style.

How To Straighten Your Hair - If you want straighten hair first is select your hair straightener carefully.

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