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Ralph Lauren 2005 Summer Collection
by Sher Matsen

The Ralph Lauren Spring 2005 Collection is simply fabulous! The collection ranges from Shimmering Luxury to Breezy Elegance to Throwaway Glamour - the common element appears to be the color white. Lauren said he used the sophistication of old-time Hollywood and the chic refinement of cafe society as starting points for his collection, which featured several halter gowns, fuzzy cashmere sweaters and some tailored jackets paired with capri-length pants or Bermuda shorts. The fabrics are flowy and romantic, the colors are outstanding, and the statement is sexy!
Ralph Lauren states "Spring is about romantic refinement - an old-Hollywood charm that's luxurios in a modern, off hand way." The spring line has a sexy blend of softness and glamour bringing out the feminine side in an elegant and sophisticated way. This is a collection most any woman can be part of. There are cuts and styles suited for all ages and body shapes.

Here's some great sites to see the Ralph Lauren Spring Fashions hitting the boutiques now.
• NewYorkMetro
• Ralph Lauren Runway Show
• MSNBC News Coverage

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? Emmy Rossum wore this fabulous Ralph Lauren gown - strapless, silhoutte shape to accentuate every curve with this fabulous flowing layers of material from the knees down. Certainly a gown made for a star! How about the Amanda Coat with a cost of $1800.00? Amazing lines! The Bronson Vest with a cost of $898.00 teamed with the Amanda Skirt with a cost of $850.00. All lookers and all certainly make a fashion statement!

Pearls are hot this season and you only need to look at the Ralph Lauren collection to confirm this. Many of the Ralph Lauren spring fashions are being accented with pearls. Pearls are getting a whole new face lift this summer with a mix of colors and styles not seen before.

Yes I know. Ralph Lauren's may be out of the reach of many of our pocket books. Don't fret! Have a look at the designs he has to offer. Take good visual notes. Similar lines and looks can be found for much less. You can make your fashion statement on a budget! You need to find the syles and colors that suit you and that you are interested in, then go shopping for similar garments without out the designer name.
These seasons fashions are fabulous, fun, and very retro. Your certain to find something that makes your fashion statement in your budget.

Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx NY in 1939. After dropping out of college he served in the US Army from 1962 to 1964. He married Ricky Low-Beer in 1964 and they had three children. In 1968 he was able to secure a $50,000 loan and Polo Fashions was born. SInce then it has grown into a $5 billion dollar industry. Ralph Lauren once said "I don't design clothes, I design dreams."

This season is truly a season of personal style and every woman is certain to find the right item[s] to make her fashion statement!

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