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What Is The Link Between AntiAging And Ethnicity

It is very true that Caucasians are more affected by sun damage (photo aging) and the associated visible signs of aging more than many other ethnic groups, but the number of anti-aging dermatological procedures being performed on people with diverse ethnic backgrounds has been on the rise in the past few years. Lack of protection from the sun accelerates the aging process for these patients in the same way it does in Caucasians, just at a slower rate. This may be due to the fact that paler skin is more susceptible to burning, which shows that the rays of the sun are more disruptive to this skin. In 2005, the total number of American plastic surgery patients of ethnic backgrounds, which includes those who utilize this for reasons other than anti aging, there was a total of 2.3 million out of the total 10.

2 million surgeries and non invasive treatments performed. This total reflects a total increase of 65% for procedures performed on ethnic patients. Hispanics and African Americans both had an increase of 67% over the 2004 numbers while Asians had a 58% increase.

These increases may be due to a number of factors which affect all minority groups. These factors include: more acceptance of plastic surgery and other dermatological enhancement treatments, increased awareness of the benefits of the wide range of dermatological treatments, and the rising economic power of ethnic groups. The increase in awareness most likely stems from stories about breakthroughs in the field both in newspapers and on television news and from the informative television shows which often look in detail at various forms and techniques in the dermatological processes which are now available to patients.

Today, approximately 20% of all dermatological procedures in America are performed on a variety of racial and ethnic groups; some of the most requested procedures for this group are treatments which are specifically designed to reverse damage caused by the sun. People of all races are affected by sun damage. Effects from the full spectrum of ultraviolet light are mainly photo aging and skin cancer.

The rise in anti aging among ethnic groups does not stop with dermatological procedures; there has also been a steady increase in sales of anti aging the skin care products which are specifically marketed with ethnicity in mind. Skin is affected more according to the level of pigmentation in it. The darker the skin (or the more amount of pigment in the skin), the less anti aging processes and skin care products are needed. Black skin absorbs only about 18% of the sun's rays and this percentage rises up to about 56% in very pale skin. Of all plastic surgery, Hispanics have the highest percentage (9%) in those utilizing the many anti aging procedures and skin care products. African Americans rate second highest (8%), while Asians represent the smallest percentage (4%) of people who need to address the visible signs of aging.

Laser procedures seem to be the most commonly requested treatments for sun damage in most races, while the highest cosmetic treatment request of all anti aging cosmetic procedures is the injection of Botox which reduces wrinkles. Chemical peels run a close second to the famous Botox injections. The success of treatments remains steady no matter the skin pigmentation but changes in technique are required when performed on more pigmented skin. No matter your race, choosing the right plastic surgeon is of the utmost importance, especially when dealing with ethnic skin (which is more susceptible to scaring). Research your potential surgeons, paying close attention to their experience with plastic surgery done on ethnic skin (if you have ethnic skin).

Listen to what he has to say. If he is promising you the world on a silver platter, he is more interested in your money than anything,while plastic surgery can greatly affect your anti aging desires, it cannot give you the face of your youth. Ask others about their surgeons; how did they feel about the results, did it take multiple surgeries (or need any corrective surgeries), were they comfortable with the surgeon, and were they referred to the surgeon by someone else who had a good experience with the doctor?.

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