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What Are The Treatment Options Available to Reduce The Appearance of Scars

Whether you know it or not, you probably have scars throughout your body. Some may be visible, whilst others are hidden from the naked eye. They come in all different variations and there are a variety of different treatment options to successfully reduce their appearance. The ones which do not show up on the body are not really a problem. However, the ones that are on show for all to see are the ones which cause most people problems. Scars do not hurt, and they do not cause any medical damage, however they can cause the people who have them, a lot of mental anxiety and stress.

Some people are so embarrassed by their scars, that they take drastic measures to cover them up as best as they can. In fact, most people with scars that are visible for all to see are desperate to have surgery to remove them. However, whilst there may be several advertisements on the television and especially upon the internet, no treatment fully gets rid of scars. You can drastically reduce their appearance, but overall it is impossible to get rid of them completely.

So what options are there available and just how much will the scars fade? Treatment Options Available You really should not have a problem when trying to find treatments to reduce the appearance of your scars. There are literally hundreds of products out there all claiming to work. The tricky part is actually finding one that does work, and that is not just spinning out lies to trick you into spending money! Here are a few treatment options which most people have found to work: Creams Creams are readily available at your local drug store and there are quite a few to choose form. However, there are some which people recommend over others. Scarzone cream has been said to work and so does vitamin K. If you have darker skin, cocoa butter seems to work quite well too.

Another good one which people recommend is Palmers skin Success Fade Cream. It contains vitamin E and many people have found it helpful. There has also been a fairly recent product which a lot of people are raving about.

That is Bio Oil. Bio Oil is oil which is used to treat stretch marks and scars. The results do take a while to work, but it does actually work. However, everyones skin is different and so you may have to wait a few months and if you do not see any results, change products until you find one which does work for you. Capsules Some people even use capsules to help their scars to fade.

However, they do not swallow the capsules; they break them open and spread the liquid onto the scar. A good example is vitamin E. Many doctors give this out and you can also find them at your local drug store.

It does get a little messy once you are spreading it over your scar, however some people swear by it and say that over time, their scar is now almost completely gone. Cod liver oil capsules have also been used, though it has not been proven whether or not that works yet. Surgery Whilst surgery is an option which many people seem to think is better, it can sometimes actually make a scar look longer. All surgery leaves a new scar which takes up to two years to mature, so the results will not be instant. However, it can change the shape of the existing scar and reduce the appearance of it quite a lot. All in all though surgery is perhaps not the best answer! Laser Surgery If you have a red scar then laser surgery may be able to help fade the appearance of it.

Generally it is thought that by removing the top layer of skin, the scar will flatten in appearance. It does work to reduce the appearance of scars, however it can be expensive. Overall, scars fade naturally over time, however if you really are unhappy there are several treatments available for you, the cheapest being creams. However, the very cheap option is to simply wear clothes to cover them up. Wear a long sleeve or wear a hat if you are worried about a scar on your head. This is definitely the cheapest way to go about covering up your scar! If you do want to have them drastically reduced, laser surgery may be the answer, but before you agree to anything it is always better to talk to your doctor or dermatologist.

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