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Western vs Eastern Clothing

Alteration of power and domination between the east and the west has occurred throughout the last 2 thousand years. In terms of civilizations, culture, modernity, sometimes east has been surpassed the west and at times the west has dominated. The supremacy in art, culture, science, philosophy and poetry flourished in the east in the earliest history while the western world was sunk in the "Dark Age". However, the pioneers of the western imperialism pulled the western world out of that abyss and it became dominant over the rest of the world. Every walk of life developed gradually.

Mechanization, new techniques, new methods, vistas of trend, and modernity opened before both the east and the west. Both have traveled a long way, gone through phases to finally stand at a position they are at present. Trade and commerce has worked as an intermediary to bring these civilizations together and exchange of every idea took place at a very large scale.

Clothing, way of living, food, differ from civilization to civilization. Various factors determine the trends prevailing in societies. No great civilization has ever been cosmopolitan but there is prominent distinction between their cultures, religion, norms, religion and beliefs. Western clothing displays more of a casual kind because basically it a secular society, therefore their clothing is a blend of wanton type. The West is the trendsetter of the present fashion world.

Their clothing includes jeans wear, t shirts, skirts, pants, shorts etc. Formal wear is even confined to three piece suits. Religion does not define the dress code.

What defines the western clothing is anything that is comfortable and trendy. Whatever attracts, fits perfectly, drapes the body is worn. The Europeans more or less follow the same trend. Mix-matched dresses adorned with requisites are preferable anywhere in the west.

Western clothing is ministered by the liberal thought of a free mind. On the contrary Eastern clothing though it is fast changing depicts tradition and culture. Religious beliefs, cultural obligations, traditions determine the code of dressing in the east.

Traditional and customary dressing is considered a vital thing in order to preserve what the eastern mind believes in and wishes to pass this on from generation to generations. The fact that cannot be denied though is that now the west and the east have started to adopt a new, modernized pattern of clothing which is a blend of all cultures brought together.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Clothing, Society, and Shopping

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