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Use Properly Applied Mascara To Enhance The Natural Beauty Of Your Eyes

The eyes have long been referred to as the windows to the soul. When people meet for the first time one of the first things they look to are the eyes. Knowing the attention your eyes receive mascara is a great way to keep them looking beautiful and appealing. Mascara is a form of makeup made especially for applying to your eyelashes. The point of mascara is to enhance the beauty of the eyes by making them look more open and accentuating your lashes. Mascara is an inexpensive way to add to your natural beauty and since it is inexpensive easy to have on hand.

There is however a couple of important health issues related to the use of mascara. First it is important to only apply mascara while in front of a mirror. People have been seen driving down the road while applying mascara, which is an obvious danger to them and others. You should never apply mascara in any type of moving vehicle, whether you are driving or not. The risk of permanent damage to your eye is great in a moving vehicle and not worth the risk. Another important safety issue in relation to wearing mascara is sharing mascara with another person.

Although this may seem perfectly harmless activity it can actually cause great trouble. There are bacteria in your eyes, which are unique in every person; sharing mascara can cause transference of bacteria, which can lead to infection and illness. Viral conjunctivitis is also a common virus that is easily transferred from one person to another when sharing mascara. Therefore you should never share your mascara with anyone.

Another important health and safety habit is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying mascara so you do not introduce bacteria or infectious materials that may be fine on your hands but prove dangerous for your eyes. You need to replace your bottle of mascara every three months, sooner if the mascara is becoming especially sticky or full of clumps. This is due to the chemicals breaking down in the mascara after the three months.

Applying mascara will draw attention to your eyes making them more crisp and clear looking by giving an illusion of a more open eye. Mascara is a great part of your daily makeup, even if you have no time to apply makeup, mascara alone will make you look awake and beautiful. Choosing what type and color of mascara is dependent on personal taste.

For the most part there is little difference in quality between mascaras. There is also waterproof and regular mascara. If you tend to have problems with smearing your mascara you may want to try waterproof. In the same regard waterproof mascara is often difficult to remove.

If you have a hard time taking off the mascara try switching to regular. Regardless of what type of mascara you try wearing it everyday will give more attention to your eyes.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as make up tips at http://www.makeup-plus.com

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