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Tips To Help Children Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss is very stressful for children and their parents. Children can be insensitive when it comes to their peers and especially about such things as baldness. Children suffering from hair loss often are the subject of ridicule from their friends and classmates which can lead the child to feel ostracized or to isolate from others.

Parents of children suffering from hair loss whether caused by medication or any other reason need to look for ways in which to help their child cope with the situation. Often times, the parents must start with their own issues surrounding the problem. If the parents cannot deal with the issue, then the child will be less apt to cope with it in a healthy manner. To help your child deal with hair loss in an emotionally healthy way, encourage them to share their feelings.

By speaking of their feelings related to this situation, they will be able to deal with and make sense of their hair loss. It is vital that they feel comfortable talking about their concerns and fears about hair loss, as well as develop coping skills. The most important factor for parents with kids dealing with hair loss is sensitivity.

Instead of forcing your child to join children their age, make sure to ask your child what he or she wants to do. If they have not yet been able to adjust to the hair loss situation, use patience. Remind your child that their hair will grow back; also remind them that they have options. It may make sense to buy a toupee or wig that your child can wear outside the house. Some kids find wearing some hats acceptable; this can also be a way for them to express themselves. If your school age child suffers from hair loss, you should consider speaking to his or her teachers before your child returns to school.

Especially if your child is afraid of returning to school, or fearful of being in the company of peers, it is advisable to ask the teacher to explain the situation to the rest of the class, and also to set boundaries of behavior. Children can be cruel. But children can also be very understanding and supportive after situations like this are explained by a respected elder. Many times, direct input from the teacher will prevent, or at lessen, hurtful teasing and ridicule.

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