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The Worlds Leading AntiAging Products

Skin cell reproduction slows down as one continues to age. The declining rate at which fresh cells are reproduced, combined with exposure to sunlight, gravity, and years of frowning and other facial movements, reduces skin elasticity. These natural developments lead to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging on the forehead, cheeks, around the mouth, and even the hands and neck. A high number of individuals are unwilling to accept the physical changes, helping the market for anti-aging products grow into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Non-invasive skin care products to address aging are now generating huge demand. These anti-aging products include skin lighteners and skin tightening and anti-wrinkle creams. 1. Cosmecuticals A product line known as cosmeceuticals (cosmetics and pharmaceuticals combined) has also emerged. These refer to cosmetic products featuring alpha lipoic acid - a strong anti-oxidant - and other biologically active ingredients. Such products may also have cellular enhancing ingredients and different anti-aging vitamins, essential oils, herbs and botanical extracts.

A key characteristic of anti-wrinkle creams and other anti-aging treatments is that their ingredients enhance blood circulation below the skin, enabling more nutrients to reach the surface and consequently enhancing skin elasticity. 2. Drastic Measures There are some individuals who take a more extreme step in pursuit of the so-called fountain of youth: plastic surgery. Some of the 'popular' choices are botox injections, skin cell detoxification, laser hair removal and resurfacing, microdermabrasion and liposuction, face lifts, dermal fillers and chemical peeling.

One should remember that such procedures generate dramatic and safe results, particularly when done by experienced physicians, but are not without any risk and significant costs. 3. Wrinkle Creams Anti-wrinkle creams are developed to make skin on the neck and face firm mainly by acting on collagen, or the protein under the skin surface that conditions suppleness. This clinically proven product, which helps eliminate wrinkles and lines around the mouth and eyes and on the forehead, helps keep collagen fibrils nutrient-rich and moisturized. Alpha lipoic acids are found in most anti-wrinkle creams, promoting skin cell health and reproduction.

Some creams are also enhanced with vitamins B, C and E to boost the skin renewal process. Generally, anti-wrinkle creams are massaged into the face to enhance blood circulation and tighten skin tissue. Ideally, the product is accompanied by sunscreen for protection against the sun's UV rays. 4.

Skin Lighteners Skin lighteners have become unfairly criticized as an anti-aging treatment due to excessive and negative publicity surrounding pop star Michael Jackson's use of the product. Lightening products work by controlling the production of melanin - the substance that defines skin pigmentation. - Lighteners prevent excessive pigmentation - Prevents discoloration - Enhances skin tone - Use only such products if they have 2% or less hydroquinone 5.

Skin Firming Skin tightening or firming creams make one look younger by enhancing skin resilience and elasticity. The crucial ingredient in these creams is Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which research has shown to be effective in promoting collagen production and speeding up skin cell activity. These creams are also responsible for flushing out excess water and splitting fat cells with no impact on the skin surface. Manufacturers advise that tightening creams be applied prior to sleeping to maximize their effect and skin penetration without any interruptions for the full 8-10 hours that one is at rest. Consumers have noted that the cream worked on and helped reduce fine lines, dimples, wrinkles and sagging skin.

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