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The Russian Shawls a wonder

On the covert magazine, shock photo of a pretty woman with a Slavic charm, superbly wrapped in a shawl with brilliant colors, bordered by an undulating river of fringes out of silk. The shawl is known for a long time, and they remain in collective memory as an element of comfort, softness and elegance, appreciated by the women of all epochs. Also when you are attracted, the question of the choice takes all its importance. Then, where to find a shawl really interesting? Why not to turn to truths specialists? The rigour of the Russian climate and the legendary requirement of the Slave charm caused with the wire of the weathers the production of exceptional Russian shawl.

" The evolution of the Russian Shawls Today, shawls do not content themselves any more with their utilitarian aspect. Thanks to the evolution of techniques and aesthetic requirements of the customers, Russian Shawls became an accessory of necessary mode. To the 18 century, the cashmere shawls invaded Europe and as in many other countries, Russia started to produce shawls taking as a starting point the Cashmere production. The specific Cashmere techniques not being directly usable, the Russians developed their own manufacturing processes, changed the matters, and developed a typically Slave style. The development of the Russian Shawls The Cashmere models are made in duvet from goat of Tibet, but this matter being not very abundant, the Russians were directed towards the use of combed sheep wool, which after some improvements became a very comfortable and pleasant matter with a great touch. Rather than to carry out the reasons in embroidery, manufactures adapted the manufactoring processes of the tapestry to the manufacture of the shawls, which enabled them to produce in sufficient quantity of the shawls of excellent quality.

The most distinctive sign of the Russian Shawls comes from their decoration. The center is normally left bare, with a lively or dark colour according to its style. It is surrounded by a broad garland of stylised flowers with lively colours, the whole is surrouded by an exuberant fringe in long silk or wool threads.

That is to make a gift, or to be made a small pleasure, a Russian Shawl will be never a false note. The women adore them because they marry with all the behaviours, and the men offer them with pleasure as a gift which will be always appreciated. La cave of Ali Baba of the Russian Shawl: If you can't go to Russia (who can?) a simplest way is to go to internet, make a research, and find the great site where you can choose the pretty Russian Shawl which will appeal to you.

Alain Charretier is the webmaster of Châles Russes, where you will find one of the broadest collection of beautiful Russian Shawls, carefully selected for their magnificence and their aesthetic aspect.

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