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The Luminox Watch Not Just For The Military

During the day, it's easy to glance at your watch and see what time it is. At night or when encased in darkness, seeing the time becomes a lot more challenging. Today's watches may have a button to press that will make the face light up so that the time can be seen but not all of them do. This means you have to find a light source to that will enable you to view the time.

A watch company that specializes in the manufacturing of watches that can be seen no matter what the light level is the Lumonox Company. Originally, this Swiss maker of watches was known as RMBG and they took watch innovation to a new level. Many people find themselves in the dark while wearing a watch that does not have a light option. It is extremely annoying to try to view the time this way, leaving people literally in the dark about the time. The Luminox Company took that lighting factor into consideration and came up with technology that allows the time to be viewed at any level of lighting without having to press any buttons or make any type of adjustments.

The technology that allows this is represented by the name of the company itself. The way the luminous technology in the watches work is by employing the use of micro-gas lights throughout the various components of the watch face and surrounding the face as well. Because these lights are constantly glowing, the time can easily be read on them no matter what type of lighting the wearer is subject to. This technology is so effective that the Navy Seals have adopted the watches to use in their missions.

Many military missions are carried out at night and with all of the equipment and weapons that the military has to carry, the last thing they want to do is to have to adjust their load to press a button on their watch to see what time it is. Since these missions are usually run on a precisely timed schedule, this makes these watches even more valuable to the military. Naturally, when the military sings the praises of an item, civilians will vie to own it. When the Seals began donning Luminox watches, they rose in civilian popularity as well and the demand for them increased.

To fill the demand, the company began producing watches that had plastic bands that were designed to be worn by anyone who wanted a Luminox watch. The various military groups are often competitive with each other. You might hear an Army soldier declaring their skills to be superior to those of Navy personnel and vice versa. After the Navy adopted the Luminox watch, the Air force demanded its own version so a new generation of these watches was born. It is probably just a matter of time before other watch manufacturers come up with their own version of watches that will be effective despite low lighting as the call for such watches will continue to increase.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as fine wristwatches at http://www.designerwatchsuperstore.com

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