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Skin Care Fountain of Youth Anti Aging Techniques

Aging is a factor of time, energy and substance. Time cannot be controlled. Energy and substance can if you eat right, exercise daily and lead a moderate but not saintly lifestyle. The body mind is a function of time, energy and space.

Time, sooner or later, ages everyone. You cannot escape time unlike energy and space, of which you have some control. The body, according to traditional Chinese medicine, is a function of jing. Jing is sexual essence (sperm, ovum, hormones, sexual fluids, etc.

). At its peak (late teens for men, late twenties for women), jing, sexual essence produces thick, colorful hair, strong skin, bones, muscles, energy, memory, etc.). In its decline, aging, drying tends to occur. The hair becomes thin, falls out and or loses it color.

The skin, nails, bones, etc. become dry, thin. All the senses, functions start to decline. Jing is the fountain of youth at its height and the harbinger of aging, death in its decline. The first secret to maintaining youth is maintaining, conserving jing.

For men, this means as they age they ejaculate less. They can start but not finish. The less the ejaculate the stronger and longer they make love. There's an art to it (practice) and I've never heard of blue balls exploding. Check with your doctor first.

Women, sort of get a pass on the orgasm due to menstruation. Overworking, lack of sleep, caffeine, alcohol, smoking and amphetamines (cocaine, speed, etc.) also burn, consume jing at a fast rate. i.e. accelerate the aging process.

The second secret to maintain youth is proper diet, which is generally, per meal, two times per day, preferably breakfast and lunch: 1/3 protein and fat: meat, eggs, chicken, turkey, cheese, beans, etc. 1/3 grain: rice, barley, bread, noodles, etc. 1/3 vegetables, 3-5, cooked and fruit (1) spices, herbs, soup and or tea This diet can be adjusted for those that already suffer too high or too low protein and fat. Those that eat too much protein, fat and starch and not enough fruit and vegetables, tend to accelerate the aging process, consumption of jing via too much fuel, energy. All energy, function consumes jing is addition to blood.

Blood carries nutrients that build and fuel all structure and function, including jing. Those that eat too little protein and fat also accelerate the aging process as more jing is consumed in place of blood, protein and fat. Protein and fat supplement, build blood, jing, bones, muscles, skin, etc. When blood, protein and fat decline, the body consumes its own protein and fat, some of which is jing.

The more protein and fat you consume (not to excess) the less jing you consume, burn. The third secret is fresh air, oxygen. According to traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist theory, the air, oxygen can be inhaled (deep abdominal breathing) and sent down to the kidneys where jing is stored. This air, oxygen can be sue to build jing. The fourth secret is standing outdoors, 20+ minutes or more to conduct heaven's (sun) and earth's force. Check out Opening the Energy Gates by B.

K. Frantzis. The fifth secret is essence foods to build jing, fountain of youth. Black foods (black beans, black sesame seeds, grind first. black fungus, rehmannia, kidneys and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc.

) in general, help nourish jing in addition to proper amounts of protein and fat, while avoiding, reducing caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and excessive sex. The sixth secret is doing. Pontificating is one thing. Doing is another. Anti-aging is a piece of cake if you are willing to make a few sacrifices.

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