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Six Answers You Should Get When Selecting a Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Las Vegas is one of those towns where just about everybody is from somewhere else. Its been a maniacal boomtown for years and has been flooded by both service workers and professionals looking to put down roots. So the usual dynamic of long established social and professional infrastructures doesnt necessarily apply (except for the casinos).

If youre interviewing potential plastic surgeons there, dont be surprised if they were born, raised and educated elsewhere.

One of the ways to look at choosing Las Vegas to have your breast augmentation or liposuction done in Las Vegas is to consider it a money-saving opportunity because the medical activity will keep you out of the casinos. But youre going to find bargain cosmetic surgery facilities there, just like any other professional service in a boom town full of tourists. Here are some queries to keep in mind.

On your initial phone contact:

1. Is the doctor (or doctors) board certified? Further, is the certifying body recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS)? That is the key question, as the ABMS is recognized by the AMA as the arbiter of medial certification organizations. The American Board of Plastic Surgery meets that standard.

Many other certifying bodies do not.

2. Is there a consulting fee? If the answer is no, that may or may not mean its a bargain basement clinic. If there is a consulting fee, will it be applied to the surgery fee? That would seem to be the fair practice in a competitive market.

If you move to the personal interview stage:

3. Will the doctor doing the interview be the person performing the procedure? That may seem obvious, but in some of the clinics that are high volume operations, the interview is basically a sales job.

If thats the case, move on.

4. Does the doctor discuss alternatives? You may be set on a tuck where liposuction would work as well or better. The doctor should discuss differing options on achieving what you want. Your job is to be sure what result you want not what procedure you need. Thats the doctors job.

5. Does the doctor describe the limitations of each procedure along with its benefits? Every plastic surgery procedure has a reality based side you should be aware of. Botox and many other types of filler dissipate in relatively short order. Breast implants may break open, may harden, and will almost certainly have to be replaced or repositioned after a period of years. You shouldnt have to ask about these matters they should be part of the presentation.

6. If there is anesthesia involved, will the anesthesiologist be licensed and board certified? Once again, make sure the board is recognized by the ABMS.


About the Author (text)Mary Hart is a freelance writer specializing in Cosmetic waffle makers

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