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repairing stretch marks Tips And Advice

Every year, well over 50% of new mothers begin searching for a treatment for repairing stretch marks. Although there are more invasive ways such as chemical peels and laser treatments, most people will try one of the many creams that erases stretch marks available today. Stretch marks are caused by the fast growth of skin due to weight gain or pregnancy, creating fine lines in the skin, which due to the over extension of your skin creates what we call stretch marks.

In the beginning, these lines are reddish in color, and then turn to a more purple color. Eventually becoming whitish and most people would like to find a product that erases stretch marks. Puberty can be another cause due to the rapid growth during this period and result in teens with stretch marks.

Athletes that began a rigorous intense training routine to build muscle mass will find that they're developing stretch marks on her legs and arms. For 70 to 90% of women they will develop stretch marks during pregnancy, the most common place for stretch marks to start appearing are thighs, arms, breast are buttocks, pretty much any place that is fleshy. Teens with stretch marks are often desperate and fall prey to products claiming "erases stretch marks"or "heals stretch marks". There are many products to provide extraordinary results but it does take a little time, nothing I have found will give overnight results. With a regular routine of applying your stretch mark cream at the same time of day everyday you will see excellent results.

Although some people with severe stretch marks will resort to skin peels or laser surgery for relief, most of us find that approach very costly and painful. During this kind of surgery. The scar tissue is actually cut away from the body, although sometimes the surgeon cannot get all of the scar tissue. The side benefit of this cosmetic surgery is the opportunity to pull the skin taut, improving the appearance of stretch marks.

If you're like me and cost is a big consideration and rules out cosmetic surgery. Even though repairing stretch marks can be a difficult slow process. There are a couple of products I've tried to do seem to really work. The first one is strivectin SD which actually shrunk and faded, my stretch marks. The other is Zenmed stretta which also gave great results.

When used in combination with exfoliation. I know it's hard repairing stretch marks, but you could make major improvements in both their size, and how brightly visible they are. Do yourself a favor and put this information to the test right away.

Steven McCarthy has been investigating how to repair stretch marks with repairing stretch marks creams since my teens and authored many papers on the topic so that rapidly grasping stretch mark treatment information is not something that has to be difficult for you. Check out www.treatingskinproblems.com

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