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Rashes of the Skin

Skin rashes is a common skin discomfort which causes small red spots, redness and itchiness. It can happen anywhere is your skin ? your face, your hands, your legs, your body. Using the wrong skin care products such as cleanser, toner, scrub, moisturizer or masque may upset your skin. It does not matter whether you are using chemical based or natural / herbal based products, if your skin cannot cope or accept the particular facial ingredient, your skin will break out with rashes ? signaling you "Hello! You have used the wrong product.".

Some people may be allergy to essential oils, even the most expensive and branded skin care product may cause allergy to some users. Switching skin care products (different brands) too often in a short period of time say within one or two months, can also cause irritation, sometimes rashes to your face. Just before your skin could adjust to the current brand, you have decided to try new ones. Eventually your skin could not take it and begin to show signs of rashes. Stick to the skin care products which suit you most, try to do a patch test when trying to start a new skin care product.

Switch to a new brand only when necessary due to skin changes, most importantly after 6-8 months of using the current skin care brand. Do not be tempted to try new skin care products after watching television advertisements. If you wish to do so, get some samples and try it on the neck area or hands.

Old make up products such as foundation, concealer, lip stick, blusher, eye liner , mascaras or eye shadow can cause skin rashes. Beware of make up tools such as dirty brushes and dirty comb. Try not to keep your make up for more than 6 months in hot and humid area, and for cold and dry area, keep it up to around one year of time frame but not more. In order to allow your make up to last longer, keep the product clean and fresh at all time.

Wipe the sides and corner of bottles, tube or containers after using each time to prevent from getting contaminated. Taking certain food can cause some skin rashes to the facial areas. You must have come across friends who experience facial skin rash after taking seafood or beef.

If you find that you get facial skin rashes after taking certain food, perhaps you should avoid taking that particular food or consult your doctor for advice. Do not allow certain chemicals such as laundry detergent, dish washing liquid or other cleaning chemicals to smear onto your facial skin. Some of these chemicals can be too strong for your facial skin which results in skin rashes. Hair shampoo can also cause skin problems. When washing your hair, please ensure that the hair shampoo does not flow down the face area.

Chemicals for construction use can be harmful to your facial skin too ? cement, paint, shellac, thinner. Avoid placing your face near these chemicals. Always keep your hands clean before touching your face. Bacteria on your hands can cause pimples and even skin irritation. Keep your pillows, bed, mattress and sofa clean, otherwise mites could end up disturbing your top layer of skin causing face and body rashes all over.

Face and bath towel should be kept clean at all time to avoid skin problems as well.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for beauty makeup blog and eye makeup tips. She also writes articles on makeup tips.

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