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Maternity Dresses for the Plus Size Mothertobe

Pregnant women no longer have to suffer with shapeless, unfashionable clothing. Maternity clothing is now available in upscale and trendy styles, suitable for any occasion. Designers are coming out with signature lines especially for expectant mothers, and are focusing on this area as much as on any other type of women's clothing. Regardless of the event you will be attending, or the stage of pregnancy you are in, there is something out there that will be sure to both look and feel great on you. Pregnant and plus-sized women, there's a new dress on the market: The Empire-waist dress.

It has a high waistline starting just above the waistline. Occasionally, designers have started the waistline under the breast area. This dress is commonly referred to as high-waisted, since it features a long and loose bottom and doesn't cling to the body.

Instead, it flows with it. The empire line helps to elongate the body and does a very good job of disguising a growing abdomen as well as a bottom-heavy body including wide hips or a waist that is thick. This type of dress is very comfortable to wear and looks best on plus size women who are petite or who are on the shortish size of the height scale. This dress has been around for a long time and took the name 'empire' from the period of history that related to the First French Empire.

The wrap dress is the best dress to make any woman's figure look good, even pregnant and plus sized women. No matter what shape you are, apple or pear, or any other, and no matter how tall you happen to be, this dress would be a good choice for you. Wrap dresses flatter a woman in such a way as they always look feminine and sexy while wearing one. The wrap dress highlights the curves of the body and tightens the waist while making the bust look bigger.

The wrap dress can be adjusted to fit the pregnant woman comfortably. It does not have to be tight-fitting or overly clingy. The wrap dress is a popular choice with moms-to-be, and can be found in many maternity clothing wardrobes. The wrap dress can be worn for both casual and more stylish social events.

A smart choice to include in your maternity wardrobe would be a jersey-knit wrap dress, especially if you plan on having more than one child. The dress can be worn from the start of your pregnancy up to the third trimester. The dress is comfortable at all stages. It will still be comfortable after your belly has grown and you start to show.

The tie on this dress is located a few inches under your bust. The dress will not cling to your body. The material is stretchy and will make your growing belly look stylish, while making you feel as comfortable as ever.

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