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Liposuction Post operative care

Liposuction ? Getting ready for the Procedure When you decide to undergo a liposuction surgery, you must prepare yourself carefully so that you can avoid all possible clinical complications. Your Arizona liposuction physician that you have selected for your surgery will give you a set of guidelines to be followed during the preparation period. He or she will also discuss with you in detail about the procedure involved. You must make it a point to follow everything suggested to the last detail.

As part of the preparation for the surgery, you will stop consuming any anticoagulants that you have been taking and this should be stopped at least 2 weeks ahead of the surgery. In case of any medical condition that you may be having that needs you to take the anticoagulants regularly, consult with your Arizona liposuction specialist on your suitability for the procedure. Your surgeon should be aware of your entire medical history. Any addiction to substance or alcohol should be revealed to your physician so that he will be able to establish your suitability for the surgery and advise you on the necessary course of action. Once the suitability is established, your physician will discuss with you in detail about the possible side effects and the risks involved in undergoing liposuction.

You need to select a reputed Arizona liposuction physician who will discuss the facts without hiding them and help you decide whether you would really like to go ahead with the surgery. A true professional will be able to discuss the issues involved without really discouraging you. Some of the physicians do not provide their patients with all the information about the complications involved. However, it is your responsibility during this preparation phase to learn more about the procedure, the side effects and the complications involved. As part of the preparation you must also prepare yourself mentally so that you can handle well any post operative depression that you may be undergoing.

You must remind yourself constantly that you will not be able to see the results immediately after the surgery or the next day after the surgery. It would take anywhere between few weeks and few months to see the results of the surgery. You must also be mentally prepared to face the pain, swelling and discomfort during the recovery phase. It will not be a bad idea to put these things in a piece of paper so that you can remind yourself that you knew in advance that you will undergo pain, discomfort and possible depression after the surgery. You must stop smoking at least for a period of 2 months before the surgery as nicotine interference is highly undesirable. Depending on the procedure that is going to be followed which will be discussed with you by your Arizona liposuction surgeon you may be either given general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

If you are going to be administered with general anesthesia then you need to fast from midnight if the operation is going to be in the morning. Fasting is not a requirement if you are going to be administered with local anesthesia.

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