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How To Combat Stretch Mark Removal By Eating Right

Did you know that eating right, eating healthier and making wise choices for diet and nutrition improves the condition of our skin and our stretch marks? In fact, you can combat stretch mark removal by eating right. Balanced nutrition, having less body fat and staying hydrated are all great ways to not only watch, lose and maintain your weight throughout your life, it also provides your body with the nutrients to speed up metabolism, manufacture and optimize the collagen and elastin that you need to have a 'glowing' and healthy skin - all factors that help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. To illustrate this point further: Vitamin E for example is a great warrior in the on-going fight against stretch marks. It does not only have to be a main ingredient in topical treatments and lotions, but also on the menu and in the dishes we consume on a regular basis. There are many sources of Vitamin E in the foods we eat. It is important to pay attention to eating plenty of fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, low-fat foods.

Vitamins that are great contributors to the appearance and qualities of your skin are Vitamins C, E, A and zinc. Examples of foods containing Vitamin C are oranges, guava, papaya and cantaloupe. Examples of foods containing zinc are bananas and raisins. If you want your skin to appear more soft, smooth and supple, then Vitamin A is the prescription. It acts as a stimulant and catalyst of sorts. It absorbs quite easily and when applied topically as a cream, gel or lotion, gets absorbed quickly and effectively into the skin, feeding and nourishing the surrounding tissue and cells.

Renewal and thickening can also be improved which contributes to the flexibility, elasticity and overall appearance of the skin. The body has many natural processes involved for skin healing and restoring scars, scabs and wounds to perfect health. You can easily tap into these processes and elements to get better results with your stretch marks.

If you understand better what is at work and at stake you can make the most of it too when dealing with stretch marks. There are many good, solid choices that you can make in your lifestyle every day that can help you cope with them and their appearance. You can minimize their presence, impact and their appearance by eating better.

Go ahead and give your body the opportunity and fighting chance to stack the odds in your favor. You can do battle with not only the bulge, weight gain, but take control of your skin's appearance and the appearance of your stretch marks by eating healthier meals, smaller portions, and more often. This is just one simple example how changing some very small and bad habits, can have a MAJOR impact on your life, health and stretch marks! Take the challenge and start to get rid of them by eating right today!.

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