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How To Choose The Right Clothing For Your Children For Style And Comfort

Clothing for children is readily available in many styles. Clothing should be warm, non-irritating and not constrictive. Children need clothes that are going to be able to move with them and keep them comfortable throughout the day. Although many styles of clothing may be cute, you should always look for the best combination of function and style. It is also important to remember that children are in different climates throughout the day, going in and out of school, so layering is key. Keep in mind children are very active and need comfortable clothing! A small infant does not regulate their body- temperature very well.

Always dress them in one more layer than you find comfortable for yourself. As they grow keep in mind their activity level. Toddlers move around more and will be comfortable in the same amount or clothing, as you are. In the winter dress children in layers to keep the warmth in close to their bodies while they are outdoors.

Then you can remove a layer when they are too warm or add clothing as needed. Keep heads covered when outdoors, use scarves, hats, or blankets to keep the brisk weather off their heads. A majority of heat is lost through the head. The scarves and blankets will help avoid breathing in the cold air, which is uncomfortable for children. When choosing material, look for softness, comfort, and material with good airflow around it. Flannel will provide extra warmth, cotton breathes better.

Avoid constricting or itchy material such as wool or other stiff materials. Children are very active, so less restrictive clothing will ensure better movement. Avoid clothing with a lot of belts, buckles, or to many buttons. Elastic is easy to pull on and off and often is the best choice for toddlers who are potty training. Zippers are also easy for both children and you.

Both boys and girls are active. Boy's will look nice dressed up but may feel restricted by suits and ties so go for sweaters and dress pants instead. Girls will look lovely in dresses and tights, but keep in mind they are active too. For safety, clothes should not have loose ties or ribbons that can get caught on play equipment.

When dressing your infant, toddler, or older child it is important to pay attention to the current weather. You also want to be aware of the level of activity your child will be participating in. The more active a child is, the hotter their body's become.

Dressing your child appropriately for their activity level and the weather will help ensure your child will be as comfortable as possible.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this and affordable clothing stores at http://www.affordableclothingboutique.com

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