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How does Hollywood Cover Pimples

Acne can be found quite often in teenagers, almost 80% of the young women and men are having pimples and half of them come in such forms that require professional medical treatment. Adolescents are suffering of Acne due to the androgen hormones that are increasing the sebum secretion of the skin and can be found in high levels in their blood. But teenagers are not the only ones that are being affected by Acne. Women who have fluctuations in their hormonal levels due to an irregular menstruation, those who use birth control pills and pregnant women can also have Acne. When you see all those stars on TV looking good you can not imagine that some of them had to deal with problems like Acne.

Well, you should know that many Hollywood stars still have problems with Acne but they know how to cover their pimples in order to have a perfect image on TV. Pimples are pretty unpleasant for any of us but imagine what disaster they are for a cinema star. Having a little blackhead on the forehead? Try showing it on TV and then you can expect it to grow until it reaches the sizes of a cauliflower. When was the last time you saw Jennifer Lopez or Colin Firth having a pimple on the face? Many people ask themselves whether celebrities have pimples or not.

Of course they have, but the difference between regular people and them is that they can not let their pimples and other flaws be seen. There are some tricks for covering Acne you can learn from the famous make-up artists of Hollywood: The undercover walking: You can totally hide the color differences on your skin even if we are talking about pink, red or purple. The secret is to find a good foundation that is appropriate to you natural skin color and has a high pigment concentration. Most of the foundations we find on the market have a 12 to 15% pigment concentration.

Only looking at a foundation sometimes might be tricky so you should always try it on your skin. If the skin can not be seen any more after applying the product that means that the foundation has a high pigment concentration and you will manage to hide your skin imperfections properly. Some make up artists try another trick in covering pimples: they use two layers of foundation separated by a generous layer of transparent face powder.

This way every layer of make-up will be fixed and of course, the pimple will become invisible for others. If you decide to use this cover-up trick you should know something else: you always have to remove make up before going to bed or else your skin pores will clog up and in the morning your face will have even more pimples than before. Use an oil-free cleanser and avoid lotions that contain alcohol. Choose only products specially designed for Acne skin and in time you will see that pimples will not assault your face and body any more.

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