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Do You Know The Finer Points Of Selecting Designer Perfume

For most women their fragrance is a distinct part of their own personality. They choose a perfume that reflects how they see themselves. It may be a hint of the outdoors or a special blend of wildflowers.

Designer perfume offers women many choices in the fragrance department. There are so many different types of designer perfume available that it can be difficult for a woman to choose just one. You might spot a celebrity on television or in the pages of a magazine selling their own fragrance. Although you may enjoy the music of this person or you love watching them in the movies, do not run out and buy their perfume based solely on who they are. The best way to choose a designer perfume is to visit a local beauty shop.

Many large department stores have a section devoted exclusively to fragrance. They will sell both womens and mens fragrances and generally offer both lower end perfumes as well as designer perfume. A sales clerk is generally the best person to help you. They usually have a background in perfume and know which fragrances contain which ingredients.

If you explain what types of perfumes you find appealing they can offer several appropriate suggestions. It is best to not wear any fragrance at all the day you decide to go buy designer perfume. The reason for this is quite simple, you do not want any smells coming from your skin to mingle with the scent of the fragrance. If you are already wearing something it can interact with the perfume and you will get a false impression of the scent. Most experienced sales people will have a number of small cardboard cards available for your use.

You can use these to spray a sample of the designer perfume on. The name of the perfume should be noted on the card so that you can compare the scents after returning home and then make a decision. Some people are able to purchase designer perfume on the spot because one of the fragrances jumps out at them.

For others it is a larger decision that takes some careful thought. When you do decide on a designer perfume, consider purchasing other items in the same scent. Many perfume lines now include items such as body creams and lotions as well as bath gels. These help to build the fragrance on your skin and on days when you are looking for a lighter scent you can simply choose to use the body cream as opposed to the heavy scent of the perfume. Perfume also makes a wonderful gift for any woman. If your mother has used the same scent for years and you know the name, consider purchasing her a small bottle as a simple thankyou gift for everything she has done for you.

If your daughter is just reaching puberty a bottle of designer perfume is a wonderful introduction into the world of being a young lady. Perfume is really a wonderful present regardless of the occasion.

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