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Do You Have A Valid Reason For Cosmetic Surgery

Okay, we have all heard a multitude of things about breast implants. From extreme groups we hear that they are linked to breast cancer and from some of the surgeons who perform this cosmetic surgery, we hear that they are completely safe. To top it all off, I have now run across another study that adds still another thing to consider if you are thinking of breast implants. I am only telling you about this because the results of the study make perfect sense in light of womens general obsession with appearance. I have to admit that I am still not sure exactly what to believe concerning breast implantation cosmetic surgery. This study was done in Canada and revealed that while breast implants are not related to breast cancer (or other serious diseases), they are linked to suicide.

Over 40,000 women who underwent various forms of cosmetic surgery were subjects of the study, which means that the results are well researched, 25,000 were implant patients and 15,000 were patients who utilized other cosmetic surgeries. Of these women, it was found that women who had surgically implanted breast enhancements had a lower than average risk of death from breast cancer, heart disease, and many other serious diseases. These results are in agreement with several American studies. The link to suicide, however, adds a new dimension to the complexities of this type of cosmetic surgery. You should understand that, in general, women who are allowed to have cosmetic surgery are screened for an overall good health, so this has some impact on the lack of diseases linked with cosmetically enhanced breasts. However, mental screening is not currently considered a normal practice in screening patients who request cosmetic surgery (although, some doctors do require this).

Women around the world are obsessed with their appearance and inundated with media that shows perfection in women, which is not the norm, but what we see on a daily basis through print ads and televised ads and shows. It is very easy for a woman to see herself as unacceptable and breast size is one of the features that women use to compare themselves to others. These women often have low self esteem and suffer from depression and other psychiatric disorders more than their counter parts. This is not to say that every woman who has breast implants or other cosmetic surgery suffers from these things, just that many of these surgery patients do. Patients who do suffer from these issues are often looking for a happiness cure, which cannot be surgically produced. The let down of having surgery, dealing with recuperation, and finding that the person they were before the surgery is the same person that they are after the surgery is quite often a fatal let down for these women.

In the study, women who received breast implants were actually 73% more likely to commit suicide than women who do not undergo this cosmetic surgery. Those who had other forms of cosmetic surgery also had higher suicide risk, but did not reach the high of 73%. Keep in mind that this is a risk, not an act.

These women are more likely to contemplate suicide, but not necessarily willing to carry it out. Of the women studied, 58 of the patients who received breast implants committed suicide. The study resulted in a recommendation that doctors require patients who want breast implants to undergo a mental health consultation before surgery can be performed. Even if your doctor does not require such a screening, it is wise for you to consider why you are interested in this surgery. Do you think it will change your life? Are you looking for a new you? While cosmetic surgery can help the way you see your physical body, it cannot change your inner feelings.

If you are looking for something that will make you like yourself, enhancing your body is only a helper, not a cure. You need to look at both your inner feelings and your outer appearance. Utilizing the help of a qualified counselor is truly in your best interest to achieve the overall effect you are looking for.

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