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Diamonds In A Different Light

Diamonds are one of the most sought after precious gems and diamond jewelry has been given as gifts and treasured for ages. While we all know that diamonds are an important factor in jewelry and especially in the engagement ring, did you know that diamonds have important industrial uses as well? Here are some of the ways that diamonds are used in industry: - Diamond powder is used as abrasives. - As a semiconductor - To polish or cut other materials - A electrical insulators - As drill-bits - As Engraving tools Known as the hardest mineral and natural material, only another diamond can make a scratch to another one.

One of the things that makes a diamond so expensive is the precise and strict controls of production necessary before it can be sold to any part of the world. Almost 49% of diamonds comes from southern and central Africa. Other countries where diamonds are abundant include Brazil, Canada, Australia and India.

Diamonds vary in size, shape, color and weight. Each corresponding element contributes to the value of a diamond, thus, each is different its own subtle way. Here are some of the characteristics of a diamond that contributes to its value: 1.

Color Diamonds that have the least color are the most expensive ones. Color may or may not been seen by the naked eye. The color of diamond is graded according to the following groupings. D: This is the grade that has the highest form.

It is absolutely colorless and diamonds with this grade are classified as extremely rare. E: Colorless. Minute or very small traces of color can be seen, though this can be detected only mostly by trained gemologist. This is classified as a rare form of diamond. F: Colorless.

Small traces of color can be detected or seen by gemologists. This is still classified in the colorless category and is deemed as a high-quality form of diamond. G-H: Near colorless.

When compared to other diamonds that are of higher grade, color is noticeable but can are still classified to be of excellent value. I-J: Near colorless. Diamonds in this category have a color that is somewhat noticeable. K-Z: The least expensive types of diamonds.

Has an oily or hazy look on it. 2. Cut The brilliance of any diamond depends on how it is cut. Cutting on diamonds refers to the art and science of producing a diamond of gem-quality from its rough beginnings.

It likewise refers to how a diamond is shaped and polished. Most gemologists determine the value of a diamond based on its cuts. This is due to the fact that even if the stone is of perfect clarity and color, its brilliance may be dulled if not appropriately cut. Cut may be deep, shallow or of the perfect length.

A cut that is too deep allows light to escape of the sides, thus making it look dull and dark. If it is too shallow, most of the light that is reflected is lost at the lower part or bottom, thus the diamond tend to loose its brilliance. 3. Clarity Diamonds that have the highest value and are the most sought-after ones are those that are absolutely clear, meaning, it free from subtle coloring, scratches or tiny traces of minerals. 4.

Carat This refers to the mass of a diamond or its weight. One carat is exactly 200 milligrams. The biggest carat size if 5, the smallest of which usually is 0.25.

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