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Augmentation of the Breasts in Houston

Women opt for breast augmentation for several different reasons. A woman may consider this type of surgery because she has breasts which are different in shape or size or just because they are not how she wants her breasts to be. Her breasts may be a feature of her body which has always made her feel insecure and breast augmentation could be the answer to give her the confidence she needs. Breast cancer patients who have had tissue removed often consider having their breasts augmented.

Whatever the reason, the results of breast augmentation surgery have a positive effect on both the appearance and the emotional attitude of the person. For a woman who is considering breast augmentation, the first choice that she often has to make is on the shape of her implant. Implants today can have a great deal more the standardized silicone crescents that were previously used.

These implants are taller than they are wide and have a fullness to them that gives them a much more natural shape. While these anatomical implants are a little more pricey, they also give a more natural look. Similarly, a woman will also need to consider which incision she wants to use to put the implant in. In this, she has three choices.

The inframammary crease occurs in the crease where the breast meets the lower chest is about an inch and a half long and is well hidden. The periareolar incision will be placed where the skin changes from being nipple to breast, and a "pocket" is made for the implant; with this incision, the implant can be placed underneath the muscle. The axillary incision, where the cut is placed in the armpit, can be used to place the implant directly above or below the muscle, but it can be a little difficult to place the implant due to the distance between the incision and where the implant is supposed to go.

The size of the implants and the finished look need to be considered too. You need to be frank about your needs at this point. Do you want to look sleek in a symmetrical way or perhaps you would like to be curvier? Two women can wear similar shaped implants and look completely different. so once you know your goals you will be able to choose the appropriate implant shape and size for your body. All of these things will be discussed with your surgeon prior to your augmentation talking place.

There are several very good practices in Houston, Texas, and with a little bit of researching you are sure to be able to find just what you need.

For additional information and a no obligation Doctor's consulation about Houston breast enlargement, please visit our website at: http://www.parsplasticsurgery.com

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