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Advantages of Celtic Engagement Rings

There are many reasons why Celtic engagement rings are so popular. After you have heard about them, you will surely decide that a Celtic engagement ring is the one you want.

Celtic engagement rings combine classic tradition with modern sophistication. There are a number of different options, each showing the strong Celtic history.

As the Celtic Knot is a symbol of love, union, and infinity, it is the perfect symbol of your commitment to your marriage and life together. Often referred to as the Lovers Knot, this is one of the most popular designs for engagement rings. Although this design is a favorite in itself, it can be even more meaningful when it is the theme of a custom-made ring. You can choose from amongst the many Celtic Knot rings currently available, or have a ring which is uniquely your own. Whichever you prefer, the rich symbolism of the Celtic Knot is a beautiful way to express your eternal love and commitment.

The Claddagh is also a popular design for Celtic rings.

Although many people wear the Claddagh simply because it is a lovely design for jewelry, it has its own history as being an engagement symbol. The Claddagh consists of hands, heart, and a crown; these represent friendship, love, and loyalty. The simple but elegant beauty of the Claddagh makes it a favorite style in engagement rings.

It is as popular today as it has been throughout generations in the past.

Many people like to incorporate the Celtic Cross into their engagement rings. Regardless of ones particular religious beliefs, an engagement ring which symbolizes Gods love is an appropriate way for a couple to begin their new life together.

One of the nicest aspects of Celtic engagement rings is that there is such a wide variety available, the one you choose will be very special even if you purchase one that is ready-made. All of these popular designs can be found individually in an assortment of styles, as well as rings which have a combination of these symbols. You can also have the type of metal you prefer, as they are available in sterling silver, platinum, and the various karats of gold.

If you feel that an engagement ring should include a stone, many Celtic engagement rings have diamonds, emeralds, and other gemstones.

For a truly unique expression of your love and commitment, you can have a Celtic ring custom-made just for you. You will have the finest workmanship and the finest quality materials in the ring which you design.

You are individuals, and your relationship is unique; a one-of-a-kind ring is the most lovely way to show it. When you select the metal, stone, and design you want, it will be your very own creation.

Amongst the many styles of Celtic engagement rings currently available, or if you prefer to design your own, the rich tradition coupled with a modern sense of sophistication will make it easy for you to select the one ring that is perfect for you.


About the Author (text)Stewart Baker writes for http://www.Shanore.com Shanore is a leading Irish jeweler specializing in creating unique custom designed Celtic engagement rings for couples. They also handcraft Celtic wedding rings for that special occasion. Browse their selection for ring that is right for you.

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